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Motorists save money, reduce emissions and boost performance. The Ecotek product range is designed to provide enthusiasts with low cost solutions to expensive problems of performance, maintenance and economy. Rather than strip down your engine to de-coke the combustion chambers all you need to do is apply the Ecotek PowerBoost foam via your air intake with the engine running for 8 minutes and you can remove the carbon and varnish deposits from inside your engine, this spray contains a comprehensive formula developed for maximum effect.

Performance – products that improve throttle response and acceleration as well as improving emissions and efficiency.

  • Economy – if your engine is more efficient then you use less energy – a lower carbon footprint with lower costs.
  • Maintenance – your engine wont last forever and needs to be well maintained to last, with poor quality petrol and stop start motoring you need PowerBoost
  • DIY all Ecotek products can be fitted or applied by a competent amateur mechanic or by your local garage.
  • Available – a chain of Nationwide Suppliers and a comprehensive on-line shop on this site give you access to the product range at competitive prices.
  • Support – full customer support through our Help Line on 08700429574 or via email as well as comprehensive instructions on this site.
  • Guaranteed – all products carry a full money back satisfaction warranty as well as a replacement quality guarantee.
  • Tested – all products have been scientifically proven and tested to the most stringent standards with results available on this site.

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TuningBox® is the forerunner in terms of the add-on unit.

The TUNINGBOX unit has the potential of increasing the power of your engine up to a mega 30% extra and the torque up to an incredible 30% extra with a reduced fuel consumption by 10% . Some competitors claim higher outputs and we could boost any engine to destruction but we aim to give you performance without the possibility of damage due to excess loading leading to overload.

It is the leader in terms of product quality, technical service and after sales.

Ecotek can supply this easy to fit unit for your car, normally it takes just 15 minute’s to DIY fit or remove, just email us info@ecotek.eu with your car make, model, year and a member of our team will contact you with a price and delivery. We will be adding these units to our site however there are hundreds so be patient!

We can supply units for Tractors, vans HGV and even boats so please enquire. 

  • TuningBox® is not only a manufacturer, but develops its own unit hardware and software.
  • TuningBox® supplies a number of well-known and respected competitors.  If you add up all of the boxes manufactured under our own name or others, we are the largest supplier of add-on units in the world.
  • The range of vehicles for which the TuningBox® offers a solution, is without doubt the most extensive.
  • The TuningBox® finish is impeccable.  The electronic components are protected by a solid and sealed case.  The connectors used are either original or closely  similar to those used by Vehicle Manufacturer.
  • Installation and disassembly are very simple and are achieved without cutting or soldering.
  • Installation can be reversed.  As soon as you remove the unit, the original unit returns  to original configuration, leaving no trace during diagnosis.
  • The TuningBox® is perfectly suitable for automatic gearbox vehicles and for vehicles equipped with a Tiptronic gearbox.
  • Every upgrade of the various unit models is carried out with scrupulous detail on our power bench.  The increases in power and torque can be proved on a power bench; the particle filter does not get blocked because the exhaust gas values remain unchanged.

Quality Workmanship

1- In order to maintain secrecy, the unit components are ordered separately from specialist manufacturers.  After that, assembly is carried out in-house by qualified personnel before going through quality control.

2 – Each unit is then programmed to suit the vehicle concerned.  The result of this programming is the fruit of performance research in our development centre.  Before any unit is marketed for any given model of vehicle, we carry out numerous tests in our laboratory and on our power benches in order to be sure of maximum performance and reliability.

A thorough approach for maximum efficiency

All TuningBox® units are equipped with connectors that are OEM compliant.  If we can’t get the connectors direct from the manufacturer, we will have them made in compliance with specifications that are every bit as stringent as the constructor’s.

Unlike some other competing products, we never use computer connectors, as these are not suitable for the demands of the automobile sector.

Our connectors are also secured, i.e. you cannot possibly connect them the wrong way round.

Ecotek 100

Probably the best protection you can buy…

Ecotek 100 is entirely comprised of  a high performance additive system for non active base oil formulations; plus added viscosity modifiers ensuring full protection across a broad temperature range. Ecotek 100 provides sufficient of these chemicals to treat a minimum of 4kgs bulk oil (the average auto engine capacity) and tested to last for a minimum of 30,000 kms (18,000+ miles).

100% Specification

The Technology utilised in Ecotek 100, when blended into a range of fully formulated engine oils, has performed as follows:

API tests (American Petroleum Institute) SL/CF Engine test summary; Pass: Sequence IIIF; Sequence IV-A; Sequence VG; Sequence VIII; Cat 1M-PC

ACEA tests (Association des Constructeurs Européens d’ Automobiles – European Automobile Manufacturers Association): Pass: TU5-JP; TU3-MS; XUD11-BTE; M111SL; OM602A; VWICTD; VW TDI and Sequence VG.

These include OEM tests: Mercedes Benz 229.1 and 229.3; Volkswagen 50200/50500; Peugeot TU5 High Temperature; Volkswagen Turbo Diesel and Intercooled; BMW Longlife 98; Mercedes Benz M111E Fuel Economy.

These tests represent the latest and most exacting tests for any high performance oil.

Please note the additives in Ecotek 100 are designed to last for 30,000 kms in a fully formulated oil, though no responsibility can be taken for the quality of any oil to which Ecotek 100 is added.

Below is an outline of the tests and relevant effects overcome by the active chemistry in Ecotek 100 – click on the image to enlarge it.



When adding to new, good quality engine oil; add 100 ml of Ecotek 100 per Litre of ordinary oil (10%). CONSULT YOUR OWNERS MANUAL for total engine oil capacity (include sump + filter capacity) – normal 4 cyl car engines have a total engine oil capacity of approx 3.5 to 4.5 Litres, Diesels 5 to 6 Litres and larger 6cyl,V6/V8 engines 5 to 7 Litres.

Accordingly, for an average car engine 400 ml (approx half of the bottle) should be added to good quality new oil (where total engine oil capacity is approx 4 litres) – a further 100 ml of Ecotek 100 per Litre capacity should then be added after 10,000 miles.

If the engine oil is of dubious quality or has done more than 10,000 miles add up to 200 ml of Ecotek 100 per Litre total capacity (approx all the bottle) – being sure not to overfill. (Each bottle of Ecotek 100 has a measuring gauge along its spine).

Ecotek 100 is an undiluted chemical concentrate which will dissolve in your existing oil. Initially it is highly viscous and should be heated, whilst still in its sealed container, in hot water prior to application and should, if possible, be added to a warm engine. When diluted in the appropriate base oil the viscometrix of the viscosity modifier in Ecotek 100 is designed to maintain a SAE 5W/40 motor oil.

DO NOT OVERFILL your engine. When using to top up existing oil make sure there is sufficient capacity (for up to 1 Litre normally the dipstick should read ‘fill’ for this to be OK).

Add between 100ml and 200ml per Litre total capacity depending on the quality and condition of the existing engine oil – See instruction leaflet that comes with the product for full details.

Ecotek 100 can be added to any engine oil: old or new, synthetic or mineral and will help re-engineer it to the highest levels of protection for ultimate performance motoring.


Ecotek 100 can be used as an additive for all engine oils – here are some examples:

  • If you are uncertain of the quality of oil used in a recent service or after purchasing a previously owned vehicle, add Ecotek 100 to the existing oil to be sure that it then conforms to the highest Synthetic Specification.  
  • Use as part of a full oil change and add to your normal oil to ensure maximum levels of protection.  
  • Add to your used oil to ‘re-engineer’ it to full synthetic specification.  
  • Use to top-up existing oil as required enhancing and extending protection for every type of engine – including, and especially, all high performance vehicles.  
  • Also frequently used in the trade as an assembly lube – for coating the moving parts during a rebuild to ensure instant protection.


Ecotek 100 is suitable for use as a long life additive in any engine oil and is particularly appropriate for high performance, sustained high stress environments where the engine requires continuous and complete protection such as:

  • Turbo, bi-turbo and supercharged competition engines
  • Blueprinted and highly tuned engines
  • High compression, high lift and variable cam engines
  • Leanburn, direct injection and LPG vehicles
  • Intercooled, turbo and non turbo diesels
  • High performance Classic and Historic sports cars
  • Grand Touring, Track and Rally cars
  • Modified turbo, nitro and twin choke engines
  • Off-road, rough terrain towing vehicles
  • High performance motorcycles
  • All road and track vehicles used to maximum levels of performance
  • Also frequently used in the trade as an assembly lube


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De-coke in a can that will give more engine power, smoother running, crisper acceleration, better throttle response, higher top speed, reduced emissions and improved economy.
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fitted to a vacuum line on petrol engines this amazing device can dramatically improve throttle response as well as improving fuel economy and emissions.
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Ecotek 100

Ecotek 100

Extend your oil life by adding this to your existing oil - if you want your car to last longer and still perform at its best you need the very best molecular engineering!
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